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   * //[[The Legend of Motorcycle Cock]]//   * //[[The Legend of Motorcycle Cock]]//
   * [[the_legend_of_zelda_series|The Legend of Zelda series]]   * [[the_legend_of_zelda_series|The Legend of Zelda series]]
-    * //[[Zelda II The Adventure of Link|Zelda II: The Adventure ​of Link]]//+    * //[[zelda_ii_the_adventure_of_link|Zelda IIThe Adventure of Link]]// 
 +    * //​[[the_legend_of_zelda_links_awakening|The Legend ​of Zelda: ​Link's Awakening]]//
     * //​[[the_legend_of_zelda_the_wind_waker|The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker]]//     * //​[[the_legend_of_zelda_the_wind_waker|The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker]]//
   * [[little_big_adventure_series|Little Big Adventure series]]   * [[little_big_adventure_series|Little Big Adventure series]]
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