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 +======Samurai Shodown V======
 +=====Samurai Shodown V Special=====
 +  * [[http://​shoryuken.com/​2014/​02/​25/​deep-cuts-why-samurai-shodown-v-special-is-the-best-fighting-game-youve-never-played/​|Deep Cuts – Why Samurai Shodown V Special is the Best Fighting Game You’ve Never Played]] - a nice pair of interviews, which serve as a good introduction to the game. Not to mention them being two-thirds Select Button affiliated!
 +  * [[http://​wiki.mizuumi.net/​w/​Samurai_Shodown_V_Special|Samurai Shodown V Special]] wiki.
 +  * [[http://​www.mobygames.com/​game/​neo-geo/​samurai-shodown-v-special|Samurai Shodown V Special]] on Moby Games.
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