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   ***Sound**   ***Sound**
     *[[people:​Hiroyuki Iwatsuki]]     *[[people:​Hiroyuki Iwatsuki]]
-    *[[people:​Haruo ​Ohahi]]+    *[[people:​Haruo ​Ohashi]]
   ***Advisor**   ***Advisor**
     *[[people:​Takeo Isogai]]     *[[people:​Takeo Isogai]]
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     *[[people:​Ho Capito]]     *[[people:​Ho Capito]]
     *[[people:​J. David Koch]]     *[[people:​J. David Koch]]
-    *Saban Childrens{sic] Entertainment+    *Saban Childrens[sic] Entertainment
     *[[company:​Natsume]] All Staff     *[[company:​Natsume]] All Staff
 ===== See Also ===== ===== See Also =====
   * [[gundam_wing_endless_duel]]   * [[gundam_wing_endless_duel]]
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