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-======Mach Rider====== 
-**YOU ARE MACH RIDER//​!//​**((link jingle here)) 
-**//Mach Rider//** is a 1985 [[hardware:​nes|NES]] game by [[company:​Nintendo]],​ similar to [[company:​Atari]]'​s //​[[game:​RoadBlasters]]//​. 
-((also sections for the toy, for the blurbs,--)) 
-=====Modes of play===== 
-((mention changing colours)) 
-====NES / Famicom==== 
-====Vs. Mach Rider==== 
-====Virtual Console==== 
-The Virtual Console release includes the ability to save courses created in the design mode. 
-===WarioWare:​ Twisted!=== 
-[[9-Volt]]'​s microgames are themed on NES games, one being //Mach Rider//. The graphics are the same, though the objective is only to shoot the enemies. 
-===No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle=== 
-The stage 
-===Super Smash Bros. Melee=== 
-===Super Smash Bros. Brawl=== 
-===Mario Kart Wii=== 
-((link songs, and my Animal Crossing ditty notation)) 
-There is no staff credits shown in-game; they are a mystery to the Internet. 
-=====See also===== 
-  * [[theme:​revealing_images|Theme:​ Revealing Images]] 
-  * [[character:​mach_rider|Character:​ Mach Rider]] 
-  * [[wp>​Mach Rider]] 
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