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 +======Dark Souls======
 +'Yes, you can lock on other [[company:​From Software]] games onto the Dark Souls cartridge. While //​[[game:​demons_souls|Demon'​s Souls]]// is an obvious choice (and unlocks the hidden world which everybody thought was gonna be DLC), //​[[game:​kings_field_iv|King'​s Field IV]]// works as well, allowing you to transfer your //Dark Souls// character into the game. Sadly, //​]]game:​kings_field_series|King'​s Field I-III]]// don't. Instead, you are greeted by a scrolling sign that says とんでもない!,​ the [[character:​Maiden in Black]] wagging her finger at you, and a series of numbers. Nobody has any idea what the numbers mean yet.'
 +  * [[https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=mKYS7jW1vxs|LowSpecGamer:​ improving performance on Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition]]
 +=====See Also=====
 +  * [[http://​forums.selectbutton.net/​viewtopic.php?​t=32130|(The true) Dark Souls starts here...]]
 +  * [[http://​forums.selectbutton.net/​viewtopic.php?​t=36306|For Your Tomb the Bells Toll (Dark S.)]]
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