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 +======Bosca Ceoil======
 +**Bosca Ceoil** is made to be an easy to use tool for creating music loops. It is made by [[people:​Terry Cavanagh]], who, of it, said:
 +> I made this because I find other music programs really confusing and distracting. Too many panels, buttons and knobs! I wanted something really simple, something designed to work the way I tend to create stuff – a process that I suppose I could best describe as: make something super simple, and keep tweaking it until it starts to get good.
 +There are versions for Mac, PC, and Linux. They all require Adobe Air.
 +=====See also=====
 +  * [[http://​distractionware.com/​blog/​2013/​08/​bosca-ceoil/​|Bosca Ceoil]] page on Terry'​s blog.
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