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 =====Recommended Switch Games===== =====Recommended Switch Games=====
   ***//​Blaster Master Zero//** (also on: 3DS)   ***//​Blaster Master Zero//** (also on: 3DS)
 +  ***//​Collection of Mana//**
 +    * 2501: Your first time playing //Seiken Densetsu 3// in English, with an actual controller!
 +  ***//Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition//**
 +    * 2501: Yes that is actually the full title. It really is the definitive edition of the game, though!
   ***//Golf Story//**   ***//Golf Story//**
     * VirtualClint:​ cute and funny, would recommend     * VirtualClint:​ cute and funny, would recommend
 +  ***//Into the Breach//** (also on: PC)
 +    * 2501: Super meticulously designed turn-based tactics game with a //Pacific Rim//-esque mech theme. All the variables of these types of games (damage values, map tiles, unit numbers, campaign length) are pared down to the bare minimum, but the result feels anything but “simple”. Very little RNG. You’re tasked with defending civilian infrastructure from attacks and win automatically after surviving so many turns, a defensive gameplay style which significantly alters the flow and feel of battle from similar games. Cool, challenging stuff.
   ***//The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild//** (also on: Wii U) - [[https://​selectbutton.net/​t/​zelda-breath-of-the-wild/​1983|forum thread]]   ***//The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild//** (also on: Wii U) - [[https://​selectbutton.net/​t/​zelda-breath-of-the-wild/​1983|forum thread]]
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   ***//Super Mario Odyssey//** - [[https://​selectbutton.net/​t/​super-mario-2006/​3715|Forum Thread]]   ***//Super Mario Odyssey//** - [[https://​selectbutton.net/​t/​super-mario-2006/​3715|Forum Thread]]
 +  ***//Super Smash Bros. Ultimate//​**
 +  ***//​Xenoblade Chronicles 2//**
 +    * 2501: Really mixed bag with high highs (gorgeous, huge environments,​ A+ soundtrack, some catchy combat mechanics) and bottom-scraping lows (character design/​writing that succumbs to the most noxious moe/loli tropes, shrill interminable voice acting, a truly glacial first third of the game). It eventually gripped me, but not without massive caveats.
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