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 ===PSOne Classics=== ===PSOne Classics===
   ***//​Alundra//​**   ***//​Alundra//​**
 +  ***//Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain//** (not on Vita)
   ***//Breath of Fire IV//**   ***//Breath of Fire IV//**
-  ***//​Castlevania Chronicles//​**+  ***//​Castlevania Chronicles//​** ​(not on Vita)
   ***//​Castlevania:​ Symphony of the Night//**   ***//​Castlevania:​ Symphony of the Night//**
   ***//Chrono Cross//**   ***//Chrono Cross//**
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   ***//​Jumping Flash!//**   ***//​Jumping Flash!//**
   ***//​Jumping Flash! 2//**   ***//​Jumping Flash! 2//**
-  ***//Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver//**+  ***//Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver//​** ​(not on Vita)
   ***//Legend of Mana//**   ***//Legend of Mana//**
-  ***//Metal Gear Solid//**+  ​***//Mega Man Legends//​** 
 +  ***//Mega Man Legends 2//** 
 +  ​***//Metal Gear Solid//​** ​(not on Vita)
   ***//Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions//​**   ***//Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions//​**
 +  ***//The Misadventures of Tron Bonne//**
   ***//N2O: Nitrous Oxide//**   ***//N2O: Nitrous Oxide//**
   ***//​Oddworld:​ Abe's Oddysey//**   ***//​Oddworld:​ Abe's Oddysey//**
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   ***//​Resident Evil 2//**   ***//​Resident Evil 2//**
   ***//​Saiyuki//​**   ***//​Saiyuki//​**
-  ***//Silent Hill//**+  ***//Silent Hill//​** ​(not on Vita)
   ***//​Suikoden//​**   ***//​Suikoden//​**
 +  ***//​Suikoden II//**
   ***//​Threads of Fate//**   ***//​Threads of Fate//**
   ***//​Tomba!//​**   ***//​Tomba!//​**
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   ***//Um Jammer Lammy//**   ***//Um Jammer Lammy//**
   ***//​Vagrant Story//**   ***//​Vagrant Story//**
 +  ***//​Vib-Ribbon//​**
   ***//​Warhawk//​**   ***//​Warhawk//​**
   ***//​Xenogears//​**   ***//​Xenogears//​**
 +  ***//​Xevious 3D/G//**
 ===PS2 Classics== ===PS2 Classics==
   ***//​Baroque//​**   ***//​Baroque//​**
 +  ***//​Bully//​**
   ***//Castle Shikigami 2//**   ***//Castle Shikigami 2//**
   ***//​Castlevania:​ Lament of Innocence//​**   ***//​Castlevania:​ Lament of Innocence//​**
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   ***//Fatal Frame//**   ***//Fatal Frame//**
   ***//GOD HAND//**   ***//GOD HAND//**
 +  ***//​Gradius V//**
   ***//Grand Theft Auto III//**   ***//Grand Theft Auto III//**
   ***//Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas//**   ***//Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas//**
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   ***//Silent Hill 4: The Room//**   ***//Silent Hill 4: The Room//**
   ***//​Siren//​**   ***//​Siren//​**
 +  ***//Stella Deus: The Gate of Eternity//​**
   ***//The Warriors//​**   ***//The Warriors//​**
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