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   ***//​Republique//​** (also on: PC, mobile)   ***//​Republique//​** (also on: PC, mobile)
 +  ***//​Resident Evil 2//** (also on: XBONE, PC)
 +    * 2501: I never played the original (fuck tank controls) but this remake is very very good. The “modernized” mechanics play like a greatest hits reel of all the best ideas from classic //RE// games (subweapons and large-scale progress-based environment changes from //REmake//, lite inventory management and weapon upgrades and precision aiming from //RE4//). Smart use of procedural difficulty and low-key RNG mechanics to lessen predictability and heighten tension. (Play it on Hardcore mode; you’ll suffer but you’ll thank me.) Modern AAA games not by FromSoft rarely feel so meticulous in their level design and demandingly tactical in their approach (watch yourself poring over maps to plot your route through danger zones, then try not to lose your head as you recalibrate your strategy on the fly). Only big criticism is that Leon doesn’t get quite enough stupid one-liners.
   ***//​Titanfall 2//** (also on: PC, XB1)   ***//​Titanfall 2//** (also on: PC, XB1)
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