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 ===== Recommended ===== ===== Recommended =====
-  * **//​Canabalt//​** - [[http://​www.canabalt.com/​|Play]]+  ​***//A Dark Room//** - [[http://​adarkroom.doublespeakgames.com/​|Play]] [[http://​forums.selectbutton.net/​viewtopic.php?​p=1279424#​1279424|Forum talk]] 
 +    * bort: this game is cool. i think it's better than //​[[game:​candy box]]//. 
 +    * tacotaskforce:​ Oh holy shit. If I had made a game, it would be this. 
 +    * gary oldman dwarfism: It is way better than //candy box//, although I wish the combat were handled differently. Keyboard shortcuts, at least. 
 +    * shrugtheironteacup:​ The way it reveals the nature of the wider setting so plainly is excellent.  
 +  ​***//​Canabalt//​** - [[http://​www.canabalt.com/​|Play]]
   ***//​CYBERQUEEN//​** - [[http://​aliendovecote.com/​uploads/​twine/​LD25/​CYBERQUEEN.html|Play]]   ***//​CYBERQUEEN//​** - [[http://​aliendovecote.com/​uploads/​twine/​LD25/​CYBERQUEEN.html|Play]]
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