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 ====== SB Recommends BBC Micro Games ===== ====== SB Recommends BBC Micro Games =====
- +{{:​fig:​recommended:​bbc_chocnpbcake.jpg }}A personal computer, developed by [[wp>​Acorn_Computers|Acorn]],​ for the BBC'​s ​//BBC Computer Literacy Project//It appeared ​in UK schools ​throughout the 80s, and 90s, much like Apple'​s computers did in the US. This made it a popular choice ​in homes, too. Until the, much cheaper, [[hardware:​ZX Spectrum]] arrived.
-It'​s ​a home computerFound in schools in the UK in the 80s / early 90s.+
 ===== Recommended ===== ===== Recommended =====
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