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-======Yasuhisa Watanabe====== 
-**Yasuhisa Watanabe** (Dec. 30, 1968), who also goes by the alias "​Yack",​ is a videogame musician, perhaps most well known for his work as a member of Zuntata. He has contributed to games such as //​[[game:​Street Fighter EX 3]]//, //​[[game:​Border Down]]//, //​[[game:​Senko no Ronde]]//, and //​[[game:​Elevator Action Returns]]//​. Watanabe frequently employs jazz and/or jazz-fusion elements, including fractured melodies, dramatic shifts in key, complex chords, and irregular rhythms. 
-=====See also===== 
-  * [[http://​www.ga-core.net/​special/​spneo001_1_1.php|GA-Core'​s Interview Part 1]] 
-  * [[http://​www.ga-core.net/​special/​spneo001_2_1.php|GA-Core'​s Interview Part 2]] 
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