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 +======Toshihiro Nagoshi======
 +**Toshihiro Nagoshi** is a game designer working in [[company:​Sega]]'​s [[company:​Amusement Vision]] division. Most notabley he has been in charge of the //​[[game:​super_monkey_ball|Super Monkey Ball]]// and //​[[game:​yakuza_series|Yakuza]]//​ series.
 +=====See also=====
 +  * [[http://​www.gamasutra.com/​view/​feature/​6564/​the_man_who_wont_leave_sega_.php|The Man Who Won't Leave Sega: Toshihiro Nagoshi]] - December 2011 interview by Christian Nutt, for Gamasutra.
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