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 +======Takashi Nishiyama======
 +Former employee of [[company:​Irem]],​ [[company:​Capcom]],​ [[company:​SNK]],​ and founder of [[company:​Dimps]]. Creator of //​[[game:​Moon Patrol]]//, //​[[game:​Kung Fu Master]]//, //​[[game:​Street Fighter]]//,​ a bunch of SNK fighters. And the man who proposed the [[hardware:​neogeo|Neo-Geo]] concept to SNK. He is **Takashi Nishiyama**.
 +=====See Also=====
 +  * [[http://​www.1up.com/​features/​the-man-who-created-street-fighter|The Man Who Created Street Fighter]] - A 2011 interview by Matt Leone, on 1up.com.
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