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 ======Markus Persson====== ======Markus Persson======
 Swedish creator of //​[[game:​Minecraft]]//,​ and runner of [[company:​Mojang]]. Swedish creator of //​[[game:​Minecraft]]//,​ and runner of [[company:​Mojang]].
 +  * //​[[game:​Minecraft]]//​
 +  * //​[[game:​SHAMBLES]]//​ - [[http://​shambles.notch.net/​|play online]]
 =====See Also===== =====See Also=====
   * [[http://​www.minecraftwiki.net/​wiki/​Notch|Notch]] - Page on the Minecraft Wiki.   * [[http://​www.minecraftwiki.net/​wiki/​Notch|Notch]] - Page on the Minecraft Wiki.
   * [[http://​twitter.com/#​!/​notch|notch]] - Twitter.   * [[http://​twitter.com/#​!/​notch|notch]] - Twitter.
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