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 +======Neil Voss======
 +**Neil Voss**, or Neil D Voss, is a videogame musician, most famous for his contributions to //​[[Tetrisphere]]//​.
 +=====See also=====
 +  * [[wp>​Neil_D._Voss|Neil D. Voss]]
 +  * [[http://​ign64.ign.com/​articles/​060/​060225p1.html|Composing Tetrisphere]] | [[http://​ign64.ign.com/​articles/​060/​060226p1.html|Interview With Neil Voss (Part II)]] - A two part interview, by an uncredited author, for IGN64.
 +  * [[http://​www.nintendojo.com/​archives/​interviews/​view_item.php?​1051117857|Neil Voss: The Melody Behind the Addiction]] - An interview, by Eric Mattei, for Nintendojo.
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