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   ***//​Sumotori Dreams//**   ***//​Sumotori Dreams//**
   ***//​Surgeon Simulator 2014//**   ***//​Surgeon Simulator 2014//**
-  ***//​Tetsujin 28 Go//**+  ***//[[game:Tetsujin 28 Go]]//**
   ***//​Toribash//​**   ***//​Toribash//​**
 ====Due to a peripheral==== ====Due to a peripheral====
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   ***//​Odama//​**   ***//​Odama//​**
 ====Status effect / powerup caused==== ====Status effect / powerup caused====
 +  ***//Beyond Good and Evil//**
 +  ***//DDR Extreme//**
   ***//​Earthbound//​**   ***//​Earthbound//​**
   ***//Secret of Mana//**   ***//Secret of Mana//**
   ***//Toejam and Earl//**   ***//Toejam and Earl//**
   ***//Wing Commander III//**   ***//Wing Commander III//**
 +  ***//​Zombiepox//​**
 ====Thrus-types==== ====Thrus-types====
   * [[genre:​thrus-type|Main article]]   * [[genre:​thrus-type|Main article]]
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