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-======NEC PC-88 & PC-98====== 
-[[company:​nec|NEC]]s series of business-targeted personal computers, which went on to become very popular platforms for game developers. Emulating the things can be daunting, so there'​s some help [[#​emulation|below]]. 
-<​sub>//​Last updated: July 6th, 2011//</​sub>​ 
-  * see also: [[http://​insomnia.ac/​hardware/​pc-9800_series_emulation_guide/​|PC-9800 Series Emulation Guide]] 
-=====See also===== 
-  * [[sb:​recommended:​pc98]] 
-  * [[wp>​NEC_PC-9801]] 
-  * [[http://​fullmotionvideo.free.fr/​|Tokugawa Corp.]] - The forums are a great resource. 
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