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 +======Game Gear======
 +**Kega Fusion** is generally the emulator of choice. It also emulates the [[Master System]], and [[genesis|Mega Drive]].\\
 +**Meka** is another program that emulates several Sega systems, and has some extra debug features useful for ROM hacking, and things in that vein.
 +//<​sub>​Last updated: September 6th, 2011</​sub>//​
 +  * Homepages: [[http://​www.eidolons-inn.net/​tiki-index.php?​page=kega|Kega Fusion]] | [[http://​www.smspower.org/​meka/​|Meka]]
 +=====See also=====
 +  * [[sb:​recommended:​game_gear]]
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