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 +====== Block Puzzles ======
 +**Block Puzzles** are [[puzzle games]] where a player is given the task of stacking or reordering blocks in order to eliminate them. These games are driven heavily by the players desire for a high score. Methods of elimination vary by game; some require a full horizontal line of blocks be created, some require a certain number of colored blocks be placed adjacent one another, which can be horizontally,​ vertically, or diagonally. Some games only require those pieces be touching, as long as the number requirement is met.
 +There are two major types of Block Puzzles: ​
 +  ***Stacking Puzzles** involve stacking pieces with the object of eliminating several blocks or a whole line of blocks. These types usually start with an open playng field.
 +  ***Shifting Puzzles** involve switching the places of two adjacent blocks to align and eliminate blocks from the field. These types start with a playing field filled either partially or completely with blocks. A popular subset is the match 3 game.
 +Objectives vary; some games require you to clear the field in order to progress, some require a certain number of eliminations,​ some really have no progression other than dropping more blocks. ​
 +**Needed info**:
 +  *Origin information---was //​[[Tetris]]//​ the first block puzzle game?
 +  *Full breakdown of the subtypes of block puzzles
 +=====See Also====
 +  * [[pattern:​tetrads]]
 +  * [[game:​tetris_series]]
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