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-======The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker====== 
-'The distribution of islands raises an unpleasant question about the underlying geological topology of [[character:​Hyrule]] under the waves.'​\\ -L 
-  * [[http://​www.polycount.com/​forum/​showthread.php?​t=104415|Zelda:​ Wind Waker Tech and Texture Analysis *picture heavy*]] - Polycount.com forum thread analysing aspects of //Wind Waker//'​s graphics. Some errors, but interesting non-the-less. 
-=====Hacks, and mods===== 
-  * [[http://​www.zeldawiki.org/​Hacks_in_The_Wind_Waker|Hacks in The Wind Waker]] - Article on Zelda Wiki, including a hack for an infinite [[character:​hookshot]]. 
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