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 =====See also===== =====See also=====
   * [[http://​www.foddy.net/​Athletics.html|QWOP]] - Play the game, at Foddy.net.   * [[http://​www.foddy.net/​Athletics.html|QWOP]] - Play the game, at Foddy.net.
-  * [[http://​hubpages.com/​hub/​How-to-Play-qwop-Game-with-Strategy|How to Play qwop Game with Strategy?]] - Top class QWOP strategy.+  * [[http://​hubpages.com/​hub/​How-to-Play-qwop-Game-with-Strategy|How to Play qwop Game with Strategy?]] - Top class //QWOP// strategy
 +  * [[https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=QlgOodQnFS4|QWOP COSTUME! (Comic Con 2011)]] - //QWOP// cosplay and LARP.
   * [[pattern:​fighting_for_control|Pattern:​ Fighting for Control]]   * [[pattern:​fighting_for_control|Pattern:​ Fighting for Control]]
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