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-====== Psychic Force (Series) ====== 
-A series of 3D fighting games made by [[company:​Taito]]. Rather than having fighters standing on the ground, these games feature flying combatants having projectile-heavy midair battles inside large transparent cubes. All the games have excellent soundtracks,​ as to be expected from Taito. The series has a spiritual descendant in G.Rev'​s Senko no Ronde series. 
-  - **1995 - //Psychic Force (Arcade, Playstation)//​** 
-    * The first game, which is pretty much made obsolete by its sequels. 
-  - **1998 - //Psychic Force 2012 (Arcade, Dreamcast)//​** 
-     * Improves on the first game in pretty much every way, the main improvement being the addition of weak and strong attacks. Features an almost entirely new cast. 
-  - **1999 - //Psychic Force 2 (Playstation)//​** 
-     * A port of //PF2012//, with inferior graphics to the Arcade and Dreamcast versions, though as compensation,​ features the return of the cast from the first game, plus various extra modes and new cel animated cutscenes. 
-  - **2002 - //TV Animation X: Unmei no Tatakai (Playstation)//​** 
-     * Although it's licenced from a TV show and features no plot connection to the //Psychic Force// games, in every other way it is a //PF// sequel. Features some of the best graphics on the Playstation,​ interesting new character gimmicks and is just all-round a very high quality game. 
-    *The main Protagonist and Antagonist of the first game, Burn and Keith, share their first (but not last) names with the two playable characters from Taito'​s 1992 arcade game //Riding Fight//. 
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