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 +======Mahou Daisakusen======
 +Name translates as "Great Magical War."
 +Series of fantasy-themed shooters developed by [[company:​Raizing]]. Heavily influenced by [[company:​Compile]]'​s last entries in the //​[[aleste_series|Aleste]]//​ series, which Raizing'​s founding employees were said to have had a hand in designing.
 +This would become Raizing'​s first shooter series. The four core characters from //Mahou Daisakusen//​ would also make "guest appearances"​ in at least two other Raizing shooters outside of the series; this makes quite a bit of sense, as they'​re rather compelling, even as shooter characters.
 +======Core Series Characters======
 +  * **Gain**, the Fighter
 +    * Insane wandering soldier "of unrivaled expertise",​ usually accompanied by his pet monkey. In constant search of the "​ultimate weapon."​ His ship is Valhallyzer.
 +  * **Chitta**, the Sorceress
 +    * Hopelessly naive, disproportionately powerful sorceress. Her ship is Gun-Dalf (heh).
 +  * **Miyamoto**,​ the Samurai Dragon
 +    * Grim, honorable Samurai from the North Forest who's also (literally) a dragon. The only "​serious"​ character, and the only one to remain through all three games in the series as a main character. Flies on his own, and appears onscreen to be about as large as the other characters'​ ships.
 +  * **Bornnam**,​ the Necromancer
 +    * Charmingly ugly old man scheming obscure madcap schemes, usually involving his experiments in necromancy. (A defiler of the dead has never been this //wacky!//) His "​ship"​ is Golgodian, which seems to take the form of some sort of undead-ish creature.
 +======Other Characters======
 +===Shippu Mahou Daisakusen===
 +  * **Nirvana**,​ the Huge Fairy
 +     ​*Gigantic fairy in the race to look for a new home for her people (I think). About Miyamoto'​s size, and flies without need of a ship.
 +  * **Kickle and Laycle**
 +    *Two children from the future in the race to get a "​hex"​ that will allow them to get back to their own time. Their ship is a modern-ish fighter named "​Sorcer Striker"​ (HAH!)
 +  * **Honest John**, the Automatic Armor
 +    *Steam-powered flying robot built to represent his maker, a greedy blacksmith who wants to "live an easy life" with the race winnings. Also about Miyamoto'​s size, and likewise flies on his own.
 +  * **Bul-Gin**,​ Captain Goblin
 +    *Lone Goblin soldier on a quest to resurrect the Gobligan Empire after it was destroyed by the core characters in //Mahou Daisakusen//​. His ship is Great Gobligan-S.
 +===Daimahou Daisakusen===
 +(Fill data in at some point)
 +======Series History======
 +   * //[[Mahou Daisakusen]]//​ / //[[Sorcer Striker]]// (1993)
 +   * //[[Shippu Mahou Daisakusen]]//​ / //[[Kingdom Grandprix]]//​ (1994)
 +   * //​[[Daimahou Daisakusen]]//​ / //​[[Dimahoo]]//​
 +======Core Character Cameos in Other Raizing Games======
 +   * //[[Battle Garegga]]// (Unlockable)
 +   * //[[Armed Police Batrider]]//​ (Unlockable and available through Random Select)
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