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-======Hybrid Heaven====== 
-**//Hybrid Heaven//**, [[company:​Konami]]'​s 1999 [[hardware:​n64|N64]] adventure / RPG / fighter hybrid is, in parts, one of the most interesting games of its generation. 
-> '//​Basically,​ I thought of creating an RPG battle system, but since the game is 3D, I needed 3D fighting action elements. And in real fighting, it's not just a case of punching and kicking, it's also a case of thinking and action at the same time. So I wanted to describe that in the fighting system. So, for the action, it's the moving parts, where you face your enemy and so on, and for the thinking part, you have to think of the command to come up with your moves. So yes, I think we've created an intelligent new-style RPG battle system.//'​(([[http://​au.ign64.ign.com/​articles/​068/​068493p1.html]]))\\ 
-- [[people:​Yasuo Daikai]], //Hybrid Heaven// director. 
-The first footage of //Hybrid Heaven// was quite different to the released game. Most noticeably the player'​s character has a different design, and there are some handsome flat-shaded polygons---much like Konami'​s first //​[[game:​Castlevania 64]]// footage. Most probably the footage comes from target renders on Silicon Graphics hardware and is not actually running on an N64. 
-For more details see this page on Unseen64: 
-  * [[http://​www.unseen64.net/​2008/​04/​03/​hybrid-heaven-beta-tech-demo/​|Hybrid Heaven [N64 - Beta / Tech Demo]]] 
-  ​ 
-=====See also===== 
-  * [[http://​www.mobygames.com/​game/​n64/​hybrid-heaven/​credits|Hybrid Heaven (credits)]] - Credits, on MobyGames. 
-  * [[wp>​Hybrid Heaven]] 
-  * [[http://​hg101.proboards.com/​index.cgi?​board=games&​action=display&​thread=9674&​page=3|Game Club 199X #12 - Hybrid Heaven (N64)]] - Hardcore Gaming 101 forum activity/​thread with some good tips and info. on playing the game. 
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