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Frozen Synapse



Frozen Synapse

Level editor

By typing LevelEditor(); into the console (activated with the ` key) you can open the level editor. Otherwise you can access it when challenging an opponant. From there you can regenerate the level, move people round, change weapons. You can also load and save levels, which includes the ability to load/generate maps from an image file.


There's no cloud saving in Steam, so if you want to transfer your single-player campaign progress to another computer / OS you can simply grab all the files titled spSave*.* from:

  • Linux : ~/.local/share/FrozenSynapse/psychoff
  • MacOS : /Users/[Username]/Library/Application Support/FrozenSynapse/Psychoff
  • Windows : %SteamPath%\steamapps\common\frozen synapse\psychoff


Sound on Linux didn't work for me untill I installed the 32-bit version of libopenal (lib32-openal), and symlinked to it from the Frozen Synapse directory. FS is looking for the file '' in its own directory, so you need to point it to that.

In my case the file was: /user/lib32/ but other examples online are simply or

You can symlink from the Frozen Synapse directory with: sudo ln -s /usr/lib32/

Frozen Synapse Prime

Frozen Cortex

Frozen Synapse 2

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