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 +Popular series of //[[Dragon Quest Series|Dragon Quest]]//​-inspired RPG's, created by Japanese author and celebrity [[Shigesato Itoi]]. ​ In Japan the series is known simply as //​Mother//​. ​ The series is known for its idyllic modern-day American setting, complete with ATMs, convenience stores, and [[character:​crazy hippies]], as well as its quirky, ironic, and often postmodern sense of humor. ​ The gameplay itself is derivative of //[[Dragon Quest Series|Dragon Quest]]// to a tee, with a few inconsequential surface innovations.
 +While the series enjoys widespread and immense popularity in Japan, it has a relatively small but devoted group of fans in the US, where it is more of a cult classic.
 +===== The Games =====
 +The only game to see a US release was //Mother 2// for the [[hardware:​snes|SNES]],​ which was released as //​[[Earthbound]]//​. Although its [[hardware:​nes|NES]] predecessor //Mother// was localized for US release (under the name //​Earthbound//​),​ a variety of factors --- including anticipated marketing costs and the phasing out of the NES in favor of its successor hardware -- prevented its release. Around 2000, a prototype of the original NES //​Earthbound//​ cartridge surfaced on the internet; it was quickly acquired by fans, who dumped the ROM for wide distribution. ​ This ROM has been dubbed by fans as //​[[Earthbound Zero]]//.
 +Although a third game (called //[[Mother 3]]//) was planned for the [[hardware:​n64|N64]]'​s expansion peripheral, the [[hardware:​n64#​64DD]],​ [[people:​Shigesato Itoi|Itoi]] eventually pulled the plug, citing dissatisfaction with the game's engine. Now development is more or less confirmed again for the [[hardware:​gba|GBA]];​ recent evidence, however, suggests its potential transfer to the [[hardware:​ds|Nintendo DS]]. It is also rumored that the game is actually a [[downport]] of the N64 game to //​Earthbound//'​s SNES-level graphics. Though this has not been confirmed, Itoi has joked of releasing a limited run of //Mother 3// for the Super Famicom when it is completed.
 +===== Chronology =====
 +  *//​[[Mother]]//​ (1989)
 +    *//​Earthbound Zero// (Unreleased,​ 1995?)
 +  *//Mother 2// (1994)
 +    *//​[[Earthbound]]//​ (1995)
 +  *//[[Mother 1+2]]// (2003)
 +  *//[[Mother 3]]// (2006)
 +===== External links =====
 +  *[[http://​www.starmen.net|Starmen.net]]
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