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 +======THE D00M SERIES====== 
 +//The year is 2145. You were [[character:​doomguy|the marine]], when you were on the Earth.\\ 
 +Now you are in the sexual crime jail on the moon far far away from the Earth.\\ 
 +Because you hit the hot 17-year-old chick.\\ 
 +Yes...It is the ERA that every single piece of sexual crime is going to be jailed or death.\\ 
 +But suddenly UAC base on Mars was infected by Demons, and at the same time,\\ 
 +the entire moon was going to be covered with dark clouds of demons.\\ 
 +Situation has changed.\\ 
 +Whoever have to do anything to survive. Sooner or later, they will release you to survive themselves.\\ 
 +Now it's time.//
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