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 +======Colony Wars series======
 +=====See also=====
 +  * [[http://​www.gamasutra.com/​view/​feature/​6497/​how_colony_wars_came_to_be.php|How Colony Wars Came To Be]] - A 2011 blog post turned Gamasutra article by Isaiah Taylor.
 +    * [[http://​www.gamasutra.com/​blogs/​IsaiahTaylor/​20111001/​8562/​Colony_Wars_Andy_Satterthwaites_Side.php|Colony Wars: Andy Satterthwaite'​s Side]] - Followup interview with [[people:​Andy Satterthwaite]].
 +    * [[http://​www.gamasutra.com/​blogs/​IsaiahTaylor/​20111003/​8580/​Colony_Wars_Lead_Programmer_Mike_Anthony.php|Colony Wars: Lead Programmer Mike Anthony]] - Followup interview with [[people:​Mike Anthony]].
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