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-======Castlevania II: Simon'​s Quest====== 
-//​Castlevania II: Simon'​s Quest// is a videogame for the [[hardware:​nes|Nintendo Entertainment System]] developed by [[company:​Konami]]. It was released in 1987 (Japan), 1988 (North America), and 1990 (Europe). 
-=====Story Overview===== 
-The main character of the game is Simon Belmont, returning from the first //​Castlevania//​. ​ He's been infected with a curse, and the only cure for said curse is bringing Dracula back to life, and killing him again. ​ To do this, Simon has to collect various relics of Dracula ("​relics"​ in the Dark Ages saint'​s definition, so like little parts of his body, like his fingernail) that someone has locked into houses and preserved. ​ Once these are collected, he can go to the castle, bring Dracula back, and kick his ass. 
-A note: Relics in the Dark Ages are a pretty interesting topic, as usually there was some kind of caretaker for the relic who would tour it around, usually making money off of it.  Also, the presence of a relic usually meant there was some kind of minor cult behind the figure the relic originally belonged to.  In this case, that would mean the relics in Simon'​s Quest indicate Dracula has achieved a saint-like status among some people in the region, and has a cult working to preserve him. 
-So yes, the basic plot is that Simon has to bring Dracula back to life just to kill him again. ​ Simon is pretty much a badass. 
-=====Interesting Mechanics===== 
-  *The game can be seen as the first attempt at having a large open world in a Castlevania game (as opposed to the previous game's discrete levels), though in effect, each of the houses for the relics is a level in itself. 
-  *The game features a day/night cycle. ​ The text for the change to night has become a small joke among Castlevania fans (as so many quotes from the series have). ​ The change to night makes enemies outside of towns harder, and makes the towns themselves full of zombies, effectively removing the safety towns have previously offered. 
-  *Towns also have bottomless pits that can totally kill you. 
-  *Also, there are towns, which is pretty unique for the series. 
-=====Full of LIES===== 
-The English translation of this game (and possibly the Japanese original) has been proven to be full of lying villagers. ​ Because of this, and a lot of random insane videogame logic, the game is almost unbeatable without an FAQ. 
-=====See Also===== 
-  * [[https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=5T-F33a0lq8|TAS Castlevania 2 Simon'​s Quest NES in 29:45 by zggzdydp]] 
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