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 ====== Sai-Mate Ltd. ====== ====== Sai-Mate Ltd. ======
-{{ company:​saimate.jpg}}Sai-Mate Ltd. was a company known by the [[hardware:​saturn|Sega Saturn]] fighter [[Elan Doreé]]. ​+{{ company:​saimate.jpg}}**Sai-Mate Ltd.** was a company known by the [[hardware:​saturn|Sega Saturn]] fighter ​//[[game:​elan_doree|Elan Doreé]]//
 +This company was founded in 1995, and released a total of two games : A simulation/​breeding title called //​[[game:​pup_breeder|Pup Breeder]]// and the 3D fighter //​[[game:​elan_doree|Elan Doreé]]//. In 1999 the staff from the the company were taken in by the new developers [[company:​Aquahouse]],​ who specialized in adult games. In 2006, Aquahouse went under, with most of the team disbanding, with the remaining Sai-Mate workers renaming the company as Ascend. Currently they specialize in games sold under a "​Swan"​ moniker, with titles that go from "true love" novels (Swan) to hardcore adult games (Dark Swan).
 +=====See also=====
 +  *[[http://​ja.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​%E3%82%B9%E3%83%AF%E3%83%B3_(%E3%83%96%E3%83%A9%E3%83%B3%E3%83%89)|Swan (brand)]] -  Japanese Wikipedia Entry
 +  *[[http://​sumomo.m78.com|SumomoKPA Homepage]] - One of the founding members of Sai-Mate, also the author of the //Elan Doreé// character designs.
 +  *[[http://​www.swaneye.com/​index_swan.html|SWAN Homepage]] - The direct homepage for SWAN **(18+ only)**
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