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 +======No Cliché======
 +{{ http://​upload.wikimedia.org/​wikipedia/​en/​0/​0d/​No_Clich%C3%A9.PNG}}**No Cliché** was a short-lived,​ French, game developer. Essentially the core of [[Adeline]],​ who were bought, sans name, by [[Sega]]. After [[hardware:​Dreamcast]] development was halted they stayed together for another year, working on a PC port of //​[[game:​Toy Commander]]//,​ but disbanded before its completion.
 +=====Key Staff=====
 +  * [[people:​Frédérick Raynal]]
 +  - 1999 - **//​[[game:​Toy Commander]]//​**
 +  - 2000 - **//​[[game:​Toy Racer]]//**
 +  - cancelled - **//​[[game:​Agartha]]//​**
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